To ensure the long-term viability of INTACT’s development programs and the socio-economic benefits they will have for the communities they are implemented into, INTACT promotes those partnerships which represent the various distinguishable aspects of urban and rural living that ensure a more equitable society for all people. These business initiative links act as a catalyst for the economic reprisal and improvement of our neighborhoods and communities. This will allow for superior quality control and program management, an integration of skills, services and products as well as the promotion of “organizational and operational unity”.



INTACT’s vision is to encourage the collective teamwork of individuals, businesses, faith-based organizations and governments worldwide networking together for the socio-economic improvement and well-being of urban and rural communities by creating a more self-reliant, self-sustaining and holistic environment for the families and children who live in them.

The most powerful element of INTACT’s mission is the recognition of the significance of joint venturing and our multi-dimensional way of thinking.

Brother Barry interviewed after the African American Leadership Summit @ FEMA in WAshington DC 2011


INTACT is a collaborative not-for-profit organization of technical & administrative infrastructure teams designed to positively affect change in the economic and social lives of all people through five initiatives:

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Our funding and resources are from private individuals,  organizational and philanthropic donations as well as in-kind services; also community based fund-raising activities.  Governmental agencies are another source of support in terms of federal, state and local dollars.  Other financial institutions contribute monetarily and offer a wealth of expertise in many areas. Additionally, all applicable goods and services such as materials, equipment, machinery, technical assistance, etc…  are accepted and greatly appreciated.


INTACT was formed to provide communities with long-term sustainable and socially responsible economic development programs.  Our objective is to achieve a more equitable society that will encompass all people both locally and nationally, thereby providing a means to address human rights issues globally.  We understand the need for clarity of vision and sensitivity by which this goal is to be obtained.  Our organization’s success is based on a good strategy and infrastructure. INTACT recognized from the very beginning the indispensable value of having a highly qualified technical advisory team and the significance of “organizational and operational” unity that contributes to the promotion of partnerships with existing agencies, municipalities, businesses and other not-for-profit entities.

Community wealth-oriented revitalization strategies are required to successfully improve the economic and social well-being of all people. INTACT will devise comprehensive programs to encourage and stimulate neighborhood improvement by rehabilitating, expanding and creating new housing, industrial and commercial properties in specific geographic areas. Emphasis is also placed on trade and technical training, employment and business ventures, which serve as a catalyst for human development and dignity, individual self-sufficiency and communal living. Additionally, INTACT will seek out opportunities for youth that encourage academic achievement and provide exposure to culturally appropriate programs that enhance self-esteem and cultural pride. These strategies provide a means of living and working together for the common good in a holistic environment.

Aton Edwards interviewed after the African American Leadership Summit @ FEMA in Washington DC 2011
Brother Barry in DC interview

About Us

• Global human rights concerns…
• Real estate development…
• Communal outreach and revitalization…
• Youth empowerment & social preparedness…
• Support of cultural development and the arts…


A business and social code of behavior has been established and is designed to provide and to maintain guidelines.  All business is conducted honestly and in an open manner.  INTACT emphasizes continuing partnerships based on a common respect enabling cooperation and mutual prosperity to coexist with healthy and fair competition.  Individuals are expected to maintain the highest moral values and be responsible in their own spheres of influence and expertise. These standards, criteria and procedures allow people to be socially and economically productive within a context of accountability and responsibility.