Food Family Farm Incorporated

Individuals Networking Through Active Community Teamwork……... (I.N.T.A.C.T.™) Community Development Corporation of New York, Inc. in partnership with Food Family Farm Incorporated is working feverishly to establish a comprehensive, multi-faceted, sustainable food system. Our goal is to raise the community’s awareness about matters relating to national public health policies and the status of today’s food supply through various agricultural training and development programs. Including, but not limited to traditional organic gardening and farming practices, local food and agriculture infrastructure and how it directly correlates with national security, perspectives on the miseducation of nutrition and health, agri-business career opportunities, and by teaching the historical evolution of food. 

The Mission 

The mission of Food Family Farm Inc. is to provide equal access to healthy, non genetically engineered foods, plants and seeds to all people by offering diverse food options for our community. We will establish a Farmers Market thereby creating a safe community gathering space to showcase Mount Vernon's ability to provide locally and regionally grown food and encourage patronage from neighboring cities, towns and villages.

Our Motto is..."Farm or Die, One seed one plant!©"

"Farm or Die©" It’s that simple, if we don’t farm, we don’t eat. It all begins with the soil and the seed. We at Food Family Farm have a great appreciation for the discipline of the science & business, as well as the art & hobby of growing food and the principles and practices of farming and gardening.