Cultural Values Initiative
~ Tradition Awareness ~
Heritage Acknowledgement and Appreciation
Creative Growth and Artistic Refinement

Aton Edwards interviewed after the African American Leadership Summit @ FEMA in Washington DC 2011

Human Rights Initiative
~ Advocate of Global Concerns ~
Land Retention & Agri-Business Development
Agriculture, health & Nutrition Education
Environmental Protection & Conservation

Brother Barry in DC interview

Real Estate Initiative
~ Real Property Development ~
Residential – Commercial – Industrial Development
Real Estate and Land Management

Strategic Overview

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Community Revitalization Initiative
~ Human Enrichment Programs ~
Self-Sufficiency, Trade and Technical Training
Alternative Energy and Communal Living Systems
Business Development and Employment

Community wealth-oriented revitalization strategies are required to successfully improve the economic and social well-being of all people.  INTACT will devise comprehensive programs to encourage and stimulate neighborhood improvement by rehabilitating, expanding and creating new housing, industrial and commercial properties in specific geographic areas.  Emphasis is also placed on trade and technical training, employment and business ventures, which serve as a catalyst for human development and dignity, individual self-sufficiency and communal living. Additionally, INTACT will seek out opportunities for youth that encourage academic achievement and provide exposure to culturally appropriate programs that enhance self-esteem and cultural pride.  These strategies provide a means of living and working together for the common good in a holistic environment.

Brother Barry interviewed after the African American Leadership Summit @ FEMA in WAshington DC 2011


Youth Empowerment Initiative
~ Educational / Social Preparedness~
Encourage High Academic Achievement
Physical Fitness & Wellness Awareness